The easiest way to learn Thai in the world! Really?

First time here? Introduce yourself. Where are you from, why are you learning Thai, what level are you? We can all be friends.
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The easiest way to learn Thai in the world! Really?

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Hi, I'm Gary.

You've probably already found my site or youtube videos in your search to learn to speak or read Thai. If not then please go check it out. You can learn to recognize about 30 of the most common letters in half an hour, which will enable you to sound out hundreds of very simple Thai words.

The Rapid Method for learning Thai is revolutionary, even if I say so myself.

This is because I'm not a linguist. I've never been good at learning languages and I'm a bit lazy. (At least I have other things I prefer doing in life rather than studying a language.)

So when I decided to learn Thai, I looked for the easiest way to do so, requiring the least amount of effort.

I must have checked out every course available (in English) and I couldn't find anything that was in any way effective for me.

So I invented my own method. And I've since discovered that much of what I developed is already well-known amongst memory experts, educationalists like Rudolf Steiner, sports trainers, martial arts instructors, music teachers, dance instructors and speech therapists. And there are some language researchers who have published similar findings about effective ways of learning too, notably Steven Krashen.

As a not-particularly gifted or studious "language learner", I've borrowed from these various approaches or invented techniques that work for me, which has resulted in the Rapid Method. I've since tweaked and refined the method over the years and I think I've more or less perfected it.

It's very, very different from what you might be used to if you've attended a conventional school or tried to learn a language already. Some people don't like it because of that. It just seems too weird! The Bangkok Post warned their readers that if they want to learn Thai the Rapid way then they must be prepared to follow me "down the rabbit hole" and expect the unexpected at every turn.

Unfortunately, the Rapid Method is somewhat diametrically opposite to many conventional approaches. This means that if you've started to learn Thai using a phonetic approach or by learning to read by learning the alphabet along with the concepts of classes and tones then you'll find the Rapid Method a bit confusing. It'd be best to try to forget everything you've learnt so far and start again!

Many people don't like to do that, particularly if they've already invested hundreds of hours in studying Thai.

However, I do have a way to "map" the conventional concepts onto the Rapid Method approach. So contact me if you're in this situation.

Many people who've tried to learn Thai for several years and have given up have attended my Read Thai Bootcamp in order to get a fresh perspective. And many people who can already read - but have never been able to get their heads around the concept of tones - have come to the workshop simply to learn about tones, once and for all.

It's actually very, very easy. So easy that many people - who have battled with the 100 or so letters and symbols, three "classes", five "tones" and 22 tone rules - don't believe it's possible.

If you're seriously interested in learning Thai then please have a look (again?) at the Rapid Method and post your questions about anything that isn't crystal clear. I'll do my best to answer from the "Rapid" point of view.

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Re: The easiest way to learn Thai in the world! Really?

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Hi Gary, welcome. Where are you from?

I've never come across the site, I guess in part because I picked up reading and writing quite early on and wasn't focusing my studies around it. I just watched the 10 minute video and it is excellent. I'll definitely pass it along to people when they ask me where to learn the alphabet. Combing the visual, along with examples in words is very nice and helpful, and is how I think it should be done. Much better than the alphabet song for non-Thais ;)
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