Hi, I'm Reuben

First time here? Introduce yourself. Where are you from, why are you learning Thai, what level are you? We can all be friends.
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Hi, I'm Reuben

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Hey everyone! I'm Reuben.

I'm 23 years old and have been living in Bangkok for the last 1.5 years. My interest in languages started when I was living in Australia. I spent some time learning Spanish, and then French for 3 months (having forgotten 95% of it now) but nothing kept my attention for long until I came to live in Thailand.

Initially I planned on staying here for a few months then moving on, but I enjoyed being here so much that I didn't see any reason to go somewhere else, and I wanted to explore the culture more in-depth. It was around that time that I got into learning Thai. I started off super-fast, spending the first few months doing almost nothing except working on my language skills. I got to a basic conversational level fairly fast, and then stagnated.. being too satisfied, thinking it was enough. Since then I've been very off-and-on with it. But right now I'm managing to hold onto some good study habits that are moving me in the right direction.

Looking forward to getting to know others here!
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