Podcast with Memrise creator on languages

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Podcast with Memrise creator on languages

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I listen to Michael Covel's podcast regularly, and recently he had a guest on named Ben, who created Memrise.com with the former World Memory Champion. It is a site that helps you learn and memorize things, and about 70% of the site is directed toward language.

Ben Whately, Epsisode #381:
https://itunes.apple.com/th/podcast/ep. ... 15761&mt=2

He talks about listening to stuff slightly more difficult than you think you can understand, and that's where you learn. Too hard you can't grasp anything and it's just a blob, and too easy you don't learn. He then talks about recall, memory, etc. It's worth a listen.

“we learn grammar from language, not language from grammar"

Interesting guy.
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