Favorite destination in Thailand?

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Favorite destination in Thailand?

Post by PatrickK »

What is your favorite place in Thailand, and why?

I've traveled Thailand quite extensively in the last couple years. All the national parks I've loved, especially ภูกระดึง because it was an excellent hike, beautiful views, and was with great people. I also thoroughly enjoy Chiang Rai Province every time I've gone.

Whats yours?
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Re: Favorite destination in Thailand?

Post by Robyn.fnq »

I haven't travelled enough to find a favourite place yet, but having recently returned from a quick trip to Hua Hin, I think that is my favourite so far. I also enjoyed some of Phuket (totally excluding Patong Beach and Phuket town) and of course, Chiang Mai. My favourite 'do nothing' place was Koh Phi Phi (if you can get away from the dock area and noise). My plan for next year is to spend some time in Bangkok, now that I know a local there who can guide me to exploring, and perhaps the east of the Bay of Thailand. Of course, there are many more places to explore before I'm done ...
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